A New Record Has Been Set After a Speedrunner Beats Prey in 7 Minutes

Speedrunner Sets a New Time to Beat on Prey

Speedrunners have been on the prowl to beat the record for the amount of time it takes to complete Bethesda’s latest game, Prey. Now, keep ahold of your hats ladies and gentlemen, because according to the latest video on Youtube by Seeker TV, the time to beat is 6:59.50. And yes, you read that right if you thought it was 7 short minutes!

Now, depending on the type of player you are, a quick search for the amount of time it takes to beat the main story of the game will come up with the average median time of almost 16 hours. In addition, if you like to play leisurely, it will take you an average of 20 hours and if you search around and complete all of the extras in the game, it will take an average of 27 hours, and 41 hours to complete every tiny detail of the game. To put this in perspective, Seeker TV beat the main story approximately 953 minutes sooner than most!

Now, with this new record, this makes Prey, the popular sci-fi shooter from Arkane and Bethesda, one of the shortest adventure first person shooters of 2017. Although Seeker TV has no other records for video games besides Prey, the video posted on Youtube makes quick work of the game using the iconic GLOO gun. You can check out the speed run below.

After Prey was released last month, a speedrunner beat the game, setting the first record for 44 minutes, and then again for under twenty minutes, after just two short days. Since then, speedrunners have been trying to outdo each other over the past month. Now considering the game hasn’t even been out for a full 2 months, this new record set by Seeker is definitely impressive! It will be interesting to see if anyone can beat the current record set by Seeker TV, however with the competition and mastery these speedrunners seem to have when it comes to Prey, it could definitely happen.

What do you think about this new record and do you think anyone can beat it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep it locked to find out if someone will!


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